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Nov 19, 2021

❓❓Have you been hurt from childhood trauma and can't move forward in your life??

📢 Crush Your Childhood Trauma and Get Your Life Back! with Debera Jensen, Rapid Relief Energy/ Mindset and Belief Healer

💥Trauma (PTSD) can come from so many different sources. Many people do not know that one of the major sources can be family trauma

💥 Stories of some of those traumas that illustrate how our early environment can cause us to create negative beliefs which can negatively impact our lives for years to come, unless we can reduce the influence of those negative emotions and subconscious beliefs so that there is space to implement a positive, empowering belief.

💥 Knowledge that these processes can bring such rapid relief. My clients start noticing some significant relief in usually the first 2 sessions.

💥 That you can live in joy and ease once you let go of your traumas and stresses.

💥That a surprising ‘byproduct of letting go of trauma’ is that your business will be so much more successful!

💥 Where they can pick up my FREE Trauma Guide...

✅Debera Jensen is s Rapid Relief Energy/ Mindset and Belief Healer who was in a horrific accident many years ago from which she was not expected to recover. She had a severe concussion and spinal injuries which caused severe and unrelenting pain. She eventually found her way out of those injuries which, oddly enough, highlighted her earlier childhood traumas.

✅She realized that she had mostly healed from her accident, but she was still in a great deal of emotional pain from her childhood traumas. She was finally able to heal and now she enjoys a very joyous life.

✅She opened an Alternative Center where she now helps people to leave concussions, trauma, depression, anxiety and all manner of stress behind. She also specializes in releasing childhood trauma. You can find her here: