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Aug 27, 2021

💥Healing from Mold, Mycotoxin Illness with Dr Rajke Milanovic, Board-certified Family Medicine doctor, MD, ABFM, IFMCP and ABIHM

👉🏻 What is Mold, Mycotoxin Illness?

👉🏻 What are 4 things that can prevent people from healing!

👉🏻 If someone is chronically ill, why is it important to know their genetics?

✳️Dr. Rajka has been successfully leading women and their families to optimal health for over 2 decades as a board-certified Family Medicine doctor, from delivering babies to managing family care in the clinic and hospital. She is now exclusively a leading Functional Medicine Consultant certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).

✳️She is an international speaker, facilitator and mentor to practitioners and has trained dozens of practitioners in Functional Medicine. Having overcome 2 autoimmune diseases along with debilitating fatigue gives her firsthand knowledge and empathy for the challenges that face her patients.

✳️As a woman and an entrepreneur, she is passionate about empowering women leaders: to optimal health. Her ultimate goal is to empower women to optimal health and in turn have them empower their families and their tribes to optimal health.

✳️She has expertise in resolving brain fog and environmental illness as well as nutrigenetics. In March she is launching the Radiantly SHE community to help high power women regain their energy, release the mid-life weight gain and reset their hormones so that they can RECLAIM their lives. This comes after successfully launching the Conquering Mold Community to provide a cost effective means for those suffering with mold illness to heal. She also sees patients at the clinic she founded: Simply Health Institute outside of Chicago, IL. You can access here here: 🔗,

🔗 Facebook and Instagram: @drrajka and