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Apr 29, 2021

🎤Watch and listen to a very interesting story of Debbie Pace, inspirational leader, certified Quantum Flow practitioner, Reiki master and an author. Healing inner trauma and rewriting outdated storiesin PTSD Self-Healing Show.

💥 A real hero who has bounced back from trauma to triumph. 💥No matter what has happened in your past, you can still rewrite your story. Take the control of your life and don't let your past ruin your present and future.

💥Where to start releasing the PTSD triggers that keep you in survival (fight or flight) mode

💥How to create a regular practice to take control of your own life and responses and heal your past.

✳️She spent her first five years in a home with a violent father who passed when she was five in a drinking and driving accident. The first 40+ years of her life focused on trying to out-succeed beliefs about herself, and she personally bounced back from a painful divorce, a business bankruptcy with more than $100k in investor funding, and not having a home where she could raise her two young children – ALL AT THE SAME TIME. You can contact her here: 👇🏼

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