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Feb 25, 2021

❓❓Would you like to learn how combination of psychic power, hypnotherapy and life coaching work together in healing PTSD? ❤️‍🩹Everyone has different ways of recovering from PTSD. We all are unique and not some body else’s treatment is suitable for you. Listen to your heart and your own belief system.

🦋If you are a spiritual person and you believe in psychic’s power, then this video is for you. Madeline Deguilio is not only a psychic but a health coach. She believes that creating a balance in life can expediate the healing process. She also uses hypnosis and look at her client’s experience to find the root cause of their PTSD issue. 🦋Psychic Medium of 5 generations, Author ,life coach, spiritual teacher, reiki healer, public speaker dedicated to helping people find peace and clarity in their lives