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Jul 23, 2021

❓❓Are you suffering from extra weight?

❓Have you tried all diet methods and remedies and nothing has worked for you? Then:

Listen to this episode of green healing show, Balancing Hormones and Boosting Energy by Nutrition Support with Michelle Thomas, Nutrition and Wellness certified coach Learn about:

💥Nutritional causes of low energy

💥Understanding macronutrients and how they balance hormones.

💥How nutrition timing can affect hormone balance and energy. 💥Getting macronutrients from whole food sources to have the best outcome.

✳️Michelle Thomas has BA in Psychology ACE certified Health Coach Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach FitChick Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness certified coach. After losing 100+ pounds 3 times in her life, the last time at 42, she changed the way she looked at weight loss.

✳️She helps women balance their hormones with macros that are designed for their body type.

You can access her here: 👇🏼

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