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Aug 27, 2021

🔥How to get through a trigger with Jeannine Rashidi, Health & & Wellness practitioner, Author

🔥What is Ayurvedic Medicine and how it can you help recover from PTSD

🔥What are the disconnected aspects that are reliving the trauma time loops

🔥How to get to know triggers, heal them, and integrated with them becoming Whole again

🔥How to create a healthier relationship with yourself

✳️Jeannine Rashidi is a highly qualified health & wellness practitioner.

✳️ She opened her Goodbye Tension practice in 2003, focused on alleviating the core of physical, digestive, emotional, and mental tension.

✳️Her commitment to empower and inspire her clients towards awakening the healer within has been a passion for the last 18 years. She also brings her personal experiences of healing 25 years of trauma & PTSD and her book Abundance Beyond Trauma which is helpful for anyone who has experience Trauma, PTSD, and any Adverse life experiences.

✳️Her book is an excellent resource for all health & wellness practitioners and doctors to understand the mind and a process to guide clients and patients towards healing themselves. Jeannine is also an Ayurvedic Practitioner currently enrolled in the Ayurvedic Doctorate program at Kerala Ayurveda Academy. ✳️She has apprenticed under Dr. Jayarajan Kodikannath since 2016, traveled to Kerala to directly experience the roots of Ayurveda, and is an ongoing Samskritam (Sanskrit) student to enable her to study the source Ayurvedic books directly. Jeannine is a devoted wife, mother, and recent grandmother. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, photography, meditation, and time dedicated to family and spiritual practice.

You can access her here:, Instagram: goodbye_tension GoodbyeTension