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Sep 22, 2021

Would you like to start podcasting but you don't know how? Do you have a lots of questions of which platform is better, which tools to use or what is the most effective way to do podcasting

Listen to this episode of Job Reinvented Show: How to Start and Grow Podcasting with Evan Johnson, Founder of Path to Podcast Success, Job Reinvented Show Learn:

💥How to Start a podcast and maintain it?

💥How to Grow your podcast organically?

💥How to use a podcast with a business in the best way for you? 💥Starting a business in high school. Business growth organically?

✅Evan Bradley mission is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible share their unique message while expanding their audience exponentially- all through a successful podcast. In the Path to Podcast Success community of podcasts there have been over 200,000 downloads and over 600 episodes published, and those numbers are constantly growing.

✅Evan never had the answer to the question “what do you want to be when you grow up.” That lack of clarity took him through a deep depression in early college, but on the other side of that he discovered a passion for helping others. The school system had only taught him how to get a good career, but what he wanted was more than that; he realized that what he wanted to do could be something more dear to his heart and more “abstract” than a career.

✅Through podcasting he has been able to realize that dream of helping people, and every day he gets to help more as his network expands. If you are interested in podcasting, or if you have a podcast but are tired of doing all the production and simply want to record great, impactful episodes, then reach out to Evan at