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Mar 31, 2021

🎤If you are struggling from health issue, learn how to unleash the feminine power in healing from Annie Francesca, Reinvention Stylist and the survivor of an Incurable cancer. Learn how:

💥Changing Style can affect your body health and create excellent impression for the people around you.

💥The power of self care and upgrading style to live more liberally

❤️ Embody a type of person you wish to be. Upgrade your style. ✔️Annie Francesca is a Reinvention Stylist who helps career and business women leverage style to unleash their feminine powers so they can dramatically increase their influence AND their income. After living on a religious commune 30 years ago, the former co-founder of Victoria Shopping Tours, knows that style can be a powerful vehicle for personal expression.

✔️Annie relates first hand to women who dress to keep themselves invisible out of fear of displeasing others. In 2013, an incurable cancer diagnosis woke her up to face the pain of how she had been keeping herself stuck by living according to patriarchal gender rules. Using a process she calls, “The Life Changing Style Method," she completely reinvented herself from the outside in -- starting with her wardrobe. Within less than 6 months, she became completely cancer FREE and still is to this day. You can reach her here: 👇🏼 🔗 🔗