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Feb 22, 2021

In this episode of Authors promotion show with Shannon Carlton, you will learn:

💥How to facilitate reaching your dreams by using vision board 💥How to plan and depict what you really wish to achieve

💥How to use the power of imagination for creating your future

💥How to practically create the vision board

📖Manifest your vision with grace, gratitude and growth is a great book about vision board and how it helps us manifest our vision.

💥Shannon She is a single mom who stepped out on faith with literally nothing but a dream in her heart and the support of her friends. At the age of 40, Shannon decided that she was done living safely and (somewhat) securely.

💥She used the money her dad had left her in his life insurance and took the plunge into opening a co-working space. She bootstrapped the whole project with sweat, blood (ask her about taking the bathroom door off to paint), and tears. That experience led to writing her first book about the power of dreams. She has experienced growth that she never could have imagined and helped dozens of small business owners thrive as they worked out of her co-working space. Along with her co-working space, Shannon has been helping women Vision their lives for the past 4 years with Vision Board workshops and accountability training. She has heard from these women what an impact the Vision Board has had on their lives and careers and wanted to share that passion with women small business owners everywhere. Using her sales skills, her drive to always improve, and her motivation to show her daughters that pursuing dreams is a worthy endeavor, Shannon has used her book to grow a community of entrepreneurs ready to share their greatness with the world!