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Jun 24, 2021

💥PHOTOGRAPHY AS MINDFULNESS with Eszter Matheson, Creator at That Book What a great interview with Eszter Matheson who has an artistic background in acting, film industry, interior design and graphic design.

💥We talked about the power of creativity and how it can help us express our deepest emotion, bring them on surface and deal with them.

💥We also learned how art can create a focused energy to contribute healing from trauma and negative emotions. We also learn about:

💥Retraining ourselves to capture the actual moment rather than create the PR narrative of our life for social media

💥Why it's important to our happiness to turn the digital into the analog and get our phone pics out and up on the wall–mindless scrolling isn't adding value.

💥How the act of photography is the actual essence of mindfulness WHY IT'S IMPORTANT TO OUR SENSE OF IDENTITY TO TELL OUR PERSONAL STORIES

💥To show us and the world how we fit in

💥Gives future generations a sense of their potential

💥Celebrating life and living with intentionality is one of the best things we can do to promote our own happiness TRANSMUTING TRAUMA INTO ART Suppressed creativity leads to pain

💥Knowing our stories is necessary to becoming our true selves ✅Eszter Matheson Eszter Matheson transforms people’s personal stories into luxury, heirloom art-objects so they can be celebrated for generations to come. Great-granddaughter of Hungary’s first female Film-maker, Eszter is creator of THAT BOOK, where she and her team of award winning photographers, artists, printers and designers use only the finest materials and boundless imagination in the crafting of their individually tailored books.

✅Having enjoyed success in an array of creative fields, including Exhibition Design, Acting and Commercial Photography, Eszter now applies her creative vision and powerful storytelling skills to immortalizing the real-life stories of her clients, like a film-maker interprets the characters and narrative of a script. Her recent book, Spider Lake, won Best Digitally Printed Book and Book of the Year at the British Book Design and Production Awards and in 2020, THAT BOOK was included in Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Gift Guide. You can reach her here:



🔗FB: esztermatheson