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Jul 28, 2021

💥Scale Your Impact & Income, Job Reinvented Show with Alaina Schwartz, International Speaker, Business Paradigm Shifter

💥If you wish to learn how to Scale Your Impact, and Ultimately Income, While Working Less than 40 Hours a Week, you can listen to this episode. We will also learn:

💥The biggest myth of Success - You have to work hard or harder to succeed

💥Why strategy is only a small piece of the puzzle and why it often doesn't work

💥Who do you really need to be to be successful

✔️Highly energetic and dynamic, Alaina Schwartz is an international speaker, business paradigm shifter and mentor. ✔️Her deep passion is providing a framework for successful, mission-driven entrepreneurs and leaders to develop an invincible mindset and unlock their full potential.

✔️She provides iron-clad strategies, tools and techniques to empower entrepreneurs and leaders to scale phenomenal impact and income, while creating financial and time freedom.

✔️She knows that what got business owners and leaders to where they are now isn’t going to get them where they want to go. She solves business problems with a combination of neuroplasticity, business strategy/development, peak performance, quantum physics, psychology, communication and leadership development. You can find here here: 👇🏼 🔗 🔗