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Sep 16, 2021

❓❓Are you struggling raising your kids with mental challenges 🎤Soul care for mamas raising kids with mental health challenges with Kris Rice, Empowerment Coach, PTSD Self-Healing Show

✔️Raising children with mental health challenges is often a dark and silent journey.

Where do we as mamas turn for support❓

When we’ve reached the end of our rope, and we need help but don’t know where to turn or who to ask❓

Our kids have resources and support for their journey, but where do we gain the support we desperately need?

✔️Kris Rice will share some tips in helping parents rising their with mental challenges:

✔️She also share her top way to identify energy leaks, and process them quickly, allowing for a sense of calm to take over. ✔️Imagine creating freedom, clarity and ease in your life, even the amidst chaos, that’s where she comes in! You can access her here: 👇🏻


🔗Instagram, FB: @krisricecollective