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Dec 21, 2021

Is Your DNA Stopping You From Healing? with Salena Rothenberger, Functional Medicine Practitioner, D.PSc, CHC, CFMP, Green Healing Show The purpose of this show is to

💥Encourage individuals to embrace that 'gut feeling' and tips on how to incorporate that into their journey. Especially those who are empaths.

💥From a genetic standpoint there are genes which are associated with a much stronger sense of empathy which can be exploited and often leads to toxic relationships which greatly affect our health(and often their children).

💥Salena spent many MANY years being told nothing was wrong and wrestled with self-confidence issues from my teen years. When her child was diagnosed with T1 diabetes I finally said enough is enough. It was a major turning point in her life on soooo many levels. Embracing her momma bear instinct was number one on that list of changes!

💥What is 'healing;? Is it that our body no longer responds to a pathogen, virus, bacteria, toxin, etc? This is one of those areas where a common misconception of what healing is and isn't. Cancer and other diseases are the natural result of the attempt by the body to keep us well. We need our bodies to respond to attacks on our immune system, excess inflammation, etc.

💥Can we restore and undo the damages that have lead to a state of our body being so out of balance with holistic medicine? Yes, it is possible however there is also the reality that sometimes because we have ignored, or removed the check engine lights (such as medications that block pain, symptoms, etc) of our body for so long that it is impossible to completely remediate the damage.

💥Known for her intuitive investigative skills, Salena Rothenberger, D.PSc, CHC, CFMP, and her team at The Functional Perspective combine functional health and wellness with natural methods to obtain optimal health. Dedicated to an approach of discovering imbalances and investigating health recognizes that a life full of vitality depends on the resolution of the root causes of dis-ease. Born in Urbana, Illinois, Salena grew up with two sisters on a small farm in central Illinois.