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Nov 10, 2021

❓Are you going to start your own podcast and you don't know if thats a right decision?

❓Are you wondering why podcasting is so powerful these days? ❓Are you going to learn how to start a podcast?

❓Have you had a podcast and you wish to grow your view and exposure?

💥Dela Fotoohi is Talk Show Host, Podcaster, Award Winning and 5X Best Selling Author, Podcaster, Global Speaker, Conference Organizer, Entrepreneur, Fitness Kickboxing Instructor, Wife, Mother and Coach.

💥 In 2017, through a family crisis Dela discovered her passion for change of attitude, recovery and wellness. Through her volunteer work as a facilitator and a presenter at the Canadian Mental Health Association, she is helping caregivers get informed, get help and find hope in their journey of coping with mental illness. She considers herself an advocate for Mental Health.

💥Dela is starring in her own Talk Show, Dela’s Voice where she introduces other people’s superpowers and how they impact the world in a positive way.

💥 Dela’s passion for impacting positive change in her birth country of Iran drove her to start a Talk Show in Iranian which is quickly gaining momentum. She is also the host and producer of a supercharged educational weekly show also in Iranian called Shegoftar. “Be the light that shines the path for others”. You can access her here:


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