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Sep 23, 2021

We Are Energy Beings with Christi Clemons Hoffman, Lifelong intuitive, Channel, Teacher, and Consultant

💥We are energy beings having a human experience

💥 All the answers are truly within: either from another lifetime or from experiences we hold within our bodies from this life.

💥The body is a message board: All parts of the body correspond to different thoughts and beliefs.

💥. We need to understand the role of energy and emotions in our lives.

💥Everything is energy.

✔️PRS Radio Guest of the year Christi Clemons Hoffman is a lifelong intuitive, channel, teacher, and consultant whose passion is connecting people with their spiritual “team.” Using a unique blend of Angel Readings, medical intuition, mediumship, and Akashic Records, Christi helps clients with questions about their spiritual growth, unlocking answers to questions about life purpose, past lives, health, relationships, and more.

✔️We are never alone! Using Reiki techniques along with her intuitive abilities, Christi also helps clients get to the source of physical and emotional discomfort.

✔️Reiki is a powerful tool to clear these blockages in the body’s energetic and auric bodies. Clients say they feel “lighter” and “able to be optimistic” after just one session. Christi is also certified at Level 3 in QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), as developed by Dolores Cannon, one of only 30 Level 3 practitioners in the world.

✔️This form of healing works with the Higher Self, or the Subconscious, to discover past lives that have a bearing on the client's current life. It also provides direct communication with the Subconscious, which can scan and heal the body and give the client direction to gain greater understanding, achieve goals, and answer long-held questions.

✔️QHHT can only be done in-person. What do you need to know to prepare for a QHHT session? Click here. Interested in learning to facilitate QHHT sessions? Classes are available online. New students can receive a 10% discount on the Level 1 online course, by using the coupon code SPREADLOVE. Introspective Hypnosis, as taught by Antonio Sangio, is another powerful technique that helps with repatterning painful memories, deep forgiveness work, physical healing, and past life healing.

✔️This form of hypnosis can be done remotely via Zoom web conferencing. Christi lives in beautiful Kansas City, Missouri, with her Crystal child daughter, two cats, and one very sweet dog. For more information about Christi, visit her business page on Facebook. Plus, check out her many classes and events. 🔗,

🔗Instagram and Facebook: @radiatewellnesskc