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May 28, 2021

BODY-Mind Skills for Well-Being with Tarnie Fuloon, Mentor, Healer, TEDx Speaker

❓❓ Are You Ignoring Your Body

💥8 BODY-Mind Skills You Need for Health, Wellness and Well Being

💥The Power of Body Centered Medicine® in healing and transforming your life

💥Discussing the Body- Mind 8 Steps of Body Centered Medicine® to become more Empowered and living your true authentic self.

❓❓How Ignoring or being unaware of the messages of your body impacts your life Pain, Anxiety and places you feel stagnant or stuck in your life are indicators you are out of connection with your deeper inner self

❓❓How the feminine energy system is the path to Body Centered awareness and health.

✅Tarnie Fulloon, PT, MA As creator of Body Centered Medicine® Tarnie uncovers the messages the physical body is holding about how you think, what you feel and who you are. Tarnie’s expertise lies in transforming your pain and anxiety by empowering your inner self-leadership. She is a mentor, healer, speaker (Tedx Presenter) and budding author.

✅She is also a previous Australian trained Sports Medicine Physiotherapist (Australian Olympics 2000). Tarnie partners with those who are ready to heal on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Certifications: BAppSc Physiotherapy, Masters of Arts in Spiritual Psychology, Somatic Certification in Movement Expression Many other trainings and certifications over a 35+ year career You can find her here: 🔗

🔗FB: @tarniefulloon

🔗Instagram: @tarniefulloon #optimalwellness, #optimalnutrition, #optimalhealth