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Feb 26, 2021

🎤Detox and Natural Therapies to Boost Your Immune System, Judy Seeger, Cancer Detox and Ozon Therapy Specialist, Green Healing Show Episode 3

❓❓ How we can clean our body from toxins?

🍵 Different types of detoxing

🍏 Natural Therapy to quickly boost your immune system

❓❓ What is Ozon Therapy and how it can support our health? ✳️ Judy Seeger became involved in the alternative medicine field 30 years ago when her own health challenges overcame her. ✳️Chronic fatigue to chronic migraines kept her down most of her days until she began studying with world famous teachers who changed her life. She went on to become a nutritionist, naturopath, researcher, author, international speaker and was director of two holistic health clinics, where she saw thousands of people’s lives healed through her 3 Step Accelerated Healing Program that specializes in helping women on their Cancer