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Sep 14, 2021

Pregnancy is a Tango dance that requires two. So when we are encountering challenges in getting pregnant, we want to involve both Partners in optimization of health.

And so what we know again is a lot of miscarriages are due to placenta. I'll call it lack of strength because the sperm is not in that quality that it needs to be in order for the pregnancy to to go to term.

Enhancing the Fertility Health as a Couple with Dr Aleksandra Vujnovic, Dr of Chiropracti

We discuss about:

👉🏻How couples can help each other during fertility journey?

👉🏻The role of Chiropractic in improving fertility

👉🏻How to maintain healthy nervous system

👉🏻What is Glycan and how it support pregnancy?

✳️Dr. Aleksandra advocates chiropractic treatments, removal of interference to the nervous system, for prenatal care through educational resources for communities to choose healthier and balanced options that promote expression of normal physiological function.

✳️Her Vision is to improve maternal function thereby decreasing the potential for unnecessary intervention and allowing the women to experience the gift of mom/baby dance that is her birth right and empower her with the information and chiropractic therapy in order to assist her in giving birth naturally. You can access her here:

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