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Mar 25, 2021

🎤Lise Lablanc, Registered Psychotherapist talks about her awakening call, the moment when she decides to stop self-sabotaging and start searching for a recovery solution.

💥Lise Leblanc has observed the out of body experience and then she decided to recover from cycle of repeating destructive behaviors. In this episode we go through:

💥 The root of most addiction and self-sabotaging behaviors.

💥 How to shift our emotion from reaction to response?

💥Why some PTSD survivors will be hit by triggers over and over again and how can they help themselves improve their recovery process?

☑️As a registered psychotherapist with over 20 years experience working in therapeutic, educational, and leadership roles, Lise Leblanc has seen first-hand the profound impacts that traumatic experiences can have on a person's life.

☑️Lise has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in educational leadership, as well as many clinical certifications. However, most of her knowledge does not come from books. It comes from overcoming her own traumatic experiences and personal challenges, and working with hundreds of clients to help them overcome theirs.

☑️Lise continues to work in private practice, specializing in anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma. She uses a holistic and eclectic approach that has been guided by her own healing journey. Along with her PTSD Workbook, her mission in writing this PTSD Guide is to give readers the knowledge, insight, and strategies to clear out the fear, shame, and trauma that is keeping them in a painful cycle of suffering.

☑️Lise's first book, Conscious Caregiving Guide, and second book, Conscious Grief and Loss Guide, are also currently available. 🔗 🔗 🔗IG:@liseleblanc100 #ptsdrecovery, #ptsdselfhealingshow, #panteakalhor, #ptsdsupport, #ptsdsurvivor, #traumahealing, #traumarecovery, #traumaawareness, #awakeningconsciousness, #awakening, #awakeningwomen, #awakeningpeople