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Mar 30, 2021

💥Optimum Nutrition For Pregnancy with Katinka Bencs, Culinary Nutrition Expert and Founder of Katinka’s Nourishing Kitchen, Katinka Bencs, MS, MBA 

🍽️If you are wonder what nutrition help us to conceive 🤰 a healthy child; what to eat and what to avoid, listen to this episode

✔️Katinka has nearly a decade of experience helping those with food intolerances enjoy meals with their family again. While planning her first pregnancy she developed a true passion for pre-conception and pregnancy nutrition.

✔️After being a barely functioning 30-year old, burnt out corporate professional with various chronic illnesses to a thriving mother and business owner, Katinka used her eight years of experience in the health and wellness field to now dedicating her life to aiding others in living a vibrantly healthy lifestyle by giving them back their favorite staples that are not just healthy and nutrient dense, but also support healing from chronic illnesses. ✔️Katinka is from Hungary where every meal includes bread in some shape or from. She formulated blends that bring the scent of freshly baked bread into the home without gluten, sugar, grain or any allergens - nothing but optimal nutrition.

✔️She believes every bite counts and her clean, nutrient dense products reflect that.

You can reach her here:

🔗Katinka's Nourishing Kitchen

🔗Katinka's Nourishing Kitchen | Facebook