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May 26, 2021

💰The relationship between you and money , Job Reinvented Show with Megan Dorsey, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Educator In this episode we learn:

💥How to manage money to be debt free

💥How to have a better relationship with money

✳️Megan Dorsey teaches people about money, entrepreneurship, and success principles. Helping people create an abundant relationship with themselves and their money is extremely important to Megan.

✳️The biggest frustrations, fears, challenges, stresses in life that involve money, Megan provides a plethora of solutions so that her clients can be educated and avoid those negatives in life. ✳️She has helped numerous families and business owners understand how “The Money Game” is played; everything from short term savings, college planning, protecting businesses from loss, to creating generational wealth and maintain freedom as well as certainty in their lives.

✳️On the side, she has been building a remarkable platform for men and women who battle with self-abuse and self-sabotaging. You can access her here: 🔗 🔗 🔗