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Feb 7, 2022

💥The Ascenders by Monty Clayton Richings

💥If you wonder how to write a fiction book, listen to this podcast

💥Learn the three foundamental factors in writing a fiction book

💥Monty Clayton is a author of 6 books and The Ascenders is the Latest.

💥From the earliest days of his childhood the supply of...

Dec 20, 2021

❓Do you have a digital or physical product that you can't sell well?

❓Would you like to know about Sales Strategy?

💥SALES PROFESSIONALS are not born -- they are made!

🎤Trajectory with Greg Balkwill, Certified Sales Professional (CSP) You will discover:

💥 how to construct and perform a successful sales...

Dec 6, 2021

Rock the Mid Life with Dr. Ellen Albertson, Psychologist, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

❓Are you feeling stuck at midlife?

❓Want the energy, confidence, and clarity to make your next chapter your best chapter?

❓Are you looking for a roadmap that will help you...

Nov 8, 2021

Reversing Hashimoto's with Dr. Anshul Gupta, MD, speaker, author, researcher and a world expert in Hashimoto’s disease, IFM Certified Practitioner, Authors Promotion Show

❓Would you like to learn A 3-Step Process for Losing Weight, Ending Fatigue and Reducing Brain Fog?

✅Reversing Hashimoto’s Book Helps...

Sep 20, 2021

💥More than 60% of Americans are currently suffering from at least one chronic illness such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.

🎤Dr. Brian Stenzler, Best-Selling Author of D.R.E.A.M. Wellness: The 5 Keys to Raising Kids for a Lifetime of Physical and Mental Health, Pediatric and family wellness doctor and...