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Jul 29, 2021

💥You, Me & PTSD-The Intruder in My Marriage with Dr Sajel Bellon, Psychotherapist, Professor, Speaker 

💥Listen to Sajel's story and hoe she moved from pain to possibilities?

💥How do we know that PTSD was effecting our home life?

💥How you can move your family from the pain of PTSD to the possibilities that you are all living know?

💥How Sajel as a professional managed her PTSD?

💥What is Post traumatic growth?

💥Considering what we’ve all experienced over the last year and a half with the pandemic, how do you describe these shared experiences from the lens of Post-Traumatic Stress?

💥What does Heroic conversation mean?

💥How has the pandemic contributed to our conversations and perceptions around mental health?

👉🏻Psychotherapist Sajel Bellon, is a foremost expert in helping people in high-stress situations deal with the variety of emotions including exhaustion, frustration, anger, and thoughts of suicide that come with prolonged stress. She is also the spouse of a firefighter who has been living with an Occupational Stress Injury: PTSD.

👉🏻She understands the journey intimately. As the developer of Mind Armour® she has helped thousands of people move from pain to possibilities by teaching them to Lean Into the Full Experience of LIFE. For more information go to: 🔗 or